The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness What can I say? I freakin Loved this book!! The world building was on going as information was needed not all overwhelming you at the beginning. Great, unique conflicts & problems with the disease that caused the Noise. & I loved the Noise & how it was handled in the book. The writing & editors spacing & font selection really brought to life how it feels to be inundated with people's thoughts, animals thoughts - everyone's thoughts except women's, of course! Loved the relationship between Todd & his foster fathers & his best friend, Manchee the dog. Loved being able to hear Manchee's thoughts, even when they were simple & redundant "poo. Poo Todd"! It really showed the great relationship between boy & dog. Plus I always suspected my dogs had similar thoughts! ;)I loved having a man/boy as the protagonist I found his voice resonated with me & loved seeing how he thought about a events being on the cusp of manhood. Ness showed Todd wavering between wanting to go back to an earlier time when he was a boy & life may have been annoying, but simple & being forced to take on the responsibilities of manhood that were thrust upon him by circumstances & his choices. I also like the theme of Hope being a thing that almost takes on a life of its own. Just when Todd & Viola thing there is no Hope left, or at least it's been beat out of them......well, you'll find out. And Viola! I really enjoyed how their relationship developed thru the story, particularly since Ness wasn't in a hurry to advance their relationship too far, too fast. Instead it bloomed in depth. I also like the fact that it (so far) is not a romantic relationship. There is no sexual tension, which I would find seriously creepy given their ages. Even if it is a whole nother planet! I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy! I can't wait to see how Ness handles the other themes of power, family, & discovering our individuality. I enjoyed this so much more than The Hunger Games! I actually found it on a recommended What to read after The HG list. I can't wait to give this to my nephew, he enjoyed the HG & I think he will absolutely love this!!