Bared to You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #1)

Bared to You - Sylvia Day original review on GR mysteriously disappeared sometime in the last couple months. Something to do with Amazon & that I did not like the book??? Here it is copy/pasted:Shame on Sylvia Day!!!Nothing pisses me off faster than a terrible ending to what was pretty much an intriguing book. Day just ended this at the end of a chapter! Right after two new conflicts reveal themselves to the main characters! Ummm...... HELLO! Forget a HEA (which is fine w me as long as there is a resolution & good explanation of loose ends)there's no ending at all!! No closure, no resolutions, no reveals, nothing!! Terrible, terrible, terrible! Shame on Day & her publisher for such a gross abuse of readers who spent 230+ pages getting emotionally involved w Eva & Gideon's issues with no ending!! I'm sorry but, just taking a shower & driving away in a limo for the night to avoid a confrontation w a major secondary character the heroine lives w is not an ending. Very disappointing! I will not be buying the second book, Day & publisher don't deserve it.Although this book is better written than 50 Shades of Grey & deals with similar issues, I would not recommend it. The author ends the book without resolving a single one of the conflicts & issues!! The book just stops at the end of a chapter!Christian Grey & Gideon do have a lot in common, handsome, rich business men who like to stalk their lady loves, not to mention a shared history of childhood sexual abuse. I did like how the abused is handled, explained, & the emphasis on needing to get professional help to get better. I know/love so many adult survivors - it was definitely very realistic & I like how it was treated w dignity for such a terrible subject. I just hope he isn't magically "cured" like happens in a lot of books. Cuz I can tell you from experience that crap doesn't happen! Sexual abuse affects every part of their lives forever.The more I reflected on the book though, it just made me more & more angry! It just left every loose end loose! So you have to buy the next book. It just quit @ the end of a chapter. No resolution for the Cary orgy, Cary's boyfriend, why Gideon's so effed up, why's his bro's a dick, how can 2 childhood sexual abuse survivors have a real relationship, etc!! Really pissed me off & I loved Gideon! I really felt for him & how much therapy he was gonna need before he got over/thru what happened to him.Basically, if you want any type of closure or resolution to Eva & Gideon's story you have to buy the 2nd book in the series, because not a single thing is explained in book 1. Shame on Sylvia Day!!