Trial by Desire (Hqn)

Trial by Desire - Courtney Milan Meh. Not sure what I didn't like about this book. The MCs just didn't seem to fit. I never connected with either of them & they didn't seem to have much chemistry. I actually liked Ned better & felt more for him in the 1st book in the series. It's never revealed why Kate has such strong feelings/passion for him. It's hinted at, from their meeting & courtship in the 1st book, but never revealed or explained. What does Kate see in him? Even their sex scenes fall flat, no pun intended! I think his serious mental health issues were glossed over & made light of to come to an easy solution for the couple to have their HEA. I was particularly discouraged that Ned's clinical depression was overcome by him just resolving to "power" thru it & remember it too will pass. Really?? Maybe Milan was just overly ambitious, I have to give her mad props for saddling her hero with such an unheard of & taboo affliction, particularly in a Regency Romance! But I think she bit off more than she could chew & then got lost in the mess she created.The only reason this isn't 1 star is Milan's excellent writing, her dialogue is witty, the internal dialogue creative, the villain diabolical, & setting well described without being redundant. Her heroines are always bucking the tends of a typical female of that time period in someway & each is creatively constructed which is so refreshing & empowering. Sadly, it's the relationship & MCs that are lacking. This is the first book of hers I didn't care for, I do love her writing usually, so i'll just chalk this one up to being a dud & continue reading her other works.Well, I guess I was able to describe all the reasons I didn't like this book after all.