The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter This is probably my least favorite of this series, which is unfortunately since I was really looking forward to Gideon's (LIES) story. The heroine, well, she drove me crazy! I love 2/3's of the book, the big secret, the dialogue/Gideon speak, & how she slowly revealed the secret, but when Scarlet's world came crashing down she became a weak, whiny bitch. Totally out of character for her & I know one could argue its to show how rocked she was to her core by the "truth". But is the only option to dramatize that by making her annoying?? Really? Plus there were a few plot holes at the end, the most glaring one being that the big bad Goddess's "power" was such a concern once the "truth" is revealed, right up until the last fight scene. Where, conveniently, our hero & heroine forget to consider she may use it against Scarlet. Come on! It's the whole reason they didn't hunt down the Goddess to fight before. And, I just don't get the whole "we can't be together even though we're in love cuz eventually I'm going to get hurt & thus hurt you. So I have to leave you now, so that doesn't happen", huh?