The Art of Racing in the Rain CD - Garth Stein Loved, loved, loved this audiobook! The narrator is perfect! I love the story being told thru the eyes of Enzo the family dog. The amazing insights he has & things he is witness to are amazing. This book made me laugh & of course, as any "dog" book is wont to do, made me cry. I found it particularly poignant as I too have an elderly, yellow dog suffering with the same affliction (arthritis) but with cataracts & deafness being added in. We also have a unique relationship, Buddy making it his purpose on this Earth to convince me I love dogs as much or more than I do cats. He has succeeded. Seeing Enzo's life thru his eyes, with his awareness of what is happening to him, well, it really brought these last years, months, moments of Buddy's life into sharp focus for me & makes me want to be a better "dog" mother with what time remains for us, for both of our sakes.