Vampires Are Forever - Lynsay Sands This is probably my least favorite of the Argeneau series so far, although Thomas has been a favorite character of mine. This story also had one of the best "mysteries" yet, with the disappearance of Marguerite & it wasn't completely resolved at the end of this book, but I believe her story is next so that's probably why the author couldn't reveal where she's been. I just couldn't get into Thomas' story & it seems he was written completely differently than he had in all the previous books. Although an explanation was given for him dropping his irreverent "surfer dude" type persona, it was weak & completely forgotten the minute it was explained why he been acting that way for 100? 200 years?? with some members of his family. It just seemed contrived & when Thomas lost the "dudes" it seems he lost anything remotely interesting about himself too. No more development regarding him secretly being a composer, etc. I liked Inez, but just really couldn't get into either one of these characters. Overall, I think the book felt rushed.